Single and EP Available NOW!


O. K. To sum everything up going on here...I've been practicing a lot of elements with music. I've failed. I never lost faith in my creativity...wasted money, no shows, no fans. I spend most of my afternoons by myself listening to my favorite artists, Eminem, Nova Rockafeller and Tom Macdonald...along with the occasional independent poppin up on my feed. 5 songs from Me right now (streaming mostly everywhere.) My music won't put you in a good mood because I tediously craft my beats into the story, AND THE OUTCOME OF EVERYTHING I'M PUTTING OUT IS...

music you can easily be offended by, or you can find the comedy behind the truth and start laughing at people in this world not living to their fullest and might not even have any common sense at all. There is hope in my soul for the future of Dust Baby. This is my new music. Trash the old shit! If y'all relate to what I'm up to (not as being a musician) by listening and have the ability to comprehend more people need to be more easy going and loosen up..

new single "VILLAIN"